Customer service

Excellent Service

The value of the enterprise lies in having customers, providing customers with all-round services, and making care obtain satisfaction beyond expectations; Pay attention to customers' opinions, listen to their voices, and recognize their real needs; Based on the needs of customers, we can improve our ability and quality and service quality completely from the perspective of customers. Customer service is not the task of manufacturers and sellers, but a firm commitment to customer interests based on market demand.

Quality from Germany, service from the heart

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and the reputation comes from service. When our sales network is spread all over the world, our service goal is to provide all Hengtai users with timely, complete and comprehensive pre-sales, in sales, after-sales and service, so that products can go hand in hand with services, and constantly improve the overall service quality of the enterprise.

*Before using the products of our company, please read the instructions carefully (Note: our company reserves the final right to interpret the after-sales service regulations of the products)