Product introduction:

The positive pressure oxygen respirator is a long-term working personal protective equipment developed and produced by the scientific researchers of our company according to the physiological conditions of Chinese mine rescue team members and the geological conditions of mine production. It is suitable for the coal mine and mine disaster relief environment. It is a closed circulatory device for human respiration and protection with carbon fiber cylinder carrying compressed oxygen as the gas source. It can provide internal circulatory oxygen supply for more than 4 hours for the operators who wear it, completely isolate the external ambient air, and play an absolute role in respiratory protection.

This product fully absorbs the advanced features of similar products at home and abroad. The main outstanding features in the design are: compact structure, comfortable wearing, small volume, large air chamber, light weight, simple disassembly, convenient use, etc. And the enterprise has applied advanced production technology and management mode, thus ensuring the beauty and durability of this product. It is an essential human protective equipment for mine rescue team members, special fire service officers and special engineering technicians to carry out rescue work under the harsh environment of severe pollution, unclear type of toxic gas or oxygen deficiency.

Product certification:


Fire product certification

Coal safety certification

Main technical parameters:

Category Explain
Major function Model HYZ4(C),RHZYC240 HYZ2(C) HYZ4,RHZYN240 HYZ2
Rated protection time (medium) ≥240min ≥120min ≥240min ≥120min
Rated operating pressure of oxygen 20MPa 20MPa 20MPa 20MPa
Internal water volume of oxygen cylinder 2.7L 1.6L 2.4L 1.6L
Volume of oxygen under standard conditions 540L 320L 480L 320L
Amount of calcium hydroxide filled 2.2kg 1.4kg 2.2kg 1.4kg
Respirator Overall dimensions 510mm*370mm*170mm 510mm*370mm*170mm 600mm*400mm*180mm 600mm*400mm*180mm
Net weight of respirator
   (Weight without calcium hydroxide, without oxygen)
10.5kg 9.8kg 12.4kg 11.8kg