Product introduction:

The isolated compressed oxygen self rescuer is a closed circulating protective device that uses compressed oxygen carried by the cylinder as the gas source for human respiration. After the user wears it, the human respiratory system is isolated from the outside, so as to prevent various toxic and harmful gases from entering the body.
The design of this product mainly highlights the following advantages: compact structure, easy to wear, small size, etc. And the strict management mode of the enterprise ensures the beauty and durability of this product.
This product can be used again after being replaced with absorbent, oxygenated and inspected as qualified.

This product is portable, which can protect people from breathing normally and escape from the scene in case of toxic and harmful gas pollution or hypoxia and asphyxiation disasters in the air.
1. It is used by coal mine operators in case of fire, gas explosion or gas outburst and other natural disasters.
2. The rescue team members can safely withdraw from the disaster area and use the respirator in case of failure.
3. It is used by the chemical department when toxic and harmful gases escape.
4. It is used when a large amount of natural gas or other toxic gases protrude during oil exploitation.
5. In the event of a fire in a high-rise building, it is used by people in the building to escape or to be rescued.
6. It is used by other departments in toxic, harmful gas or oxygen deficient environment.

Product certification:

Technical parameters and ordering information of compressed oxygen self rescuer:

Product modelRated protection timeWater volume of cylinderOxygen storageOxygen inflation pressureAirbag volumeRespiratory modeAmount of calcium hydroxide filledProduct appearance dimensionOverall quality
CCK-70≥70min0.7L140L20MPa≥6LFace shield700g225mm110mm270mm3.3kg

Main performance:

Oxygen supply ration≥1.2L/min
Automatic oxygen supply ration≥60L/min
Manual supplementary feeding≥60L/min
Carbon dioxide concentration in inspiration≤2%
Oxygen concentration in inspiration≥25%
Exhaust valve opening pressure(150~300)Pa
Opening pressure of automatic air make-up valve(-100~400)Pa